Why will I love the Perfectly Streak Free Cloths?

So glad you asked! It's simply because:
  • Easy to Use! Simply Wet it - Wring it - Wipe your surface - Walk away. When it's dirty - Hand or machine wash it!
  • Saves you Time! Cleans, dries & polishes in 1 easy step. No more sprays, soaps or pastes. No more secondary sponges, cloths or paper towels needed to finish the job!
  • Saves you Money! Eliminates costly cleaning chemicals & paper towels. Use over and over for 100's of uses.
  • Safe for you and your family. Great for the environment. Removes the chemicals from homes & businesses. Ecofriendly and easy on the trees!
  • Washable... Bleachable & Good for 50 washings & beyond! When clean, is safe for ALL surfaces!

What are the Benefits of the Perfectly Streak Free Cloths?

Actually, this will be a bit hard to believe, but here goes....

They truly remove
 dirt, grease, grime, stickiness, smoke haze, fingerprints, dog nose smudges (gotta love 'em), hairspray, and just about anything else life throws at your surfaces!

Taking a breath...

They really do clean windows, mirrors, black and stainless steel appliances, flat-topped stoves, tiles, laminates, hardwood, chrome, granite, marble & Corian countertops - All Vehicles - inside/out! Boats, Motorcycles, RV's & more...

What are the 'technicalities' of the Perfectly Streak Free Cloth?

  • PSF Cloths measure 16" X 16" 
  • Perfect 130 gsm
  • Origination: Germany

Use, Care & Tips for getting the most out of your Perfectly Streak Free Cloths

Using them is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!
1. Initially rinse or soak cloth w/warm water to soften (cloth will soften more with use)
2. Wring tight
3. Wipe your surface - moisture disappears in seconds - leaving a crystal clean dry surface!

To Care for Them:
When dirty, hand or machine wash with soap or detergent. Do not wash with lint bearing items.
Can be bleached. Hang to dry. NO fabric softeners!

Streaks on your surface means your cloth is dirty - wash w/detergent or soap.
Water spots mean there's too much moisture in your cloth - wring it tighter.
Lint on your surface means it was washed w/other lint bearing items such as towels - rewash w/non linting items.

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