The Perfectly Streak Free Cloth is not just a cloth! It's the Amazing 'Next Generation' of Microfiber cleaning cloths that:

  • Always produce a Perfectly streak free, spot, lint & dust free finish on your WINDOWS, MIRRORS, STAINLESS STEEL, GRANITE, MARBLE & MORE!
  • Always clean CHEMICAL FREE! Try them on all your surfaces and you'll find they clean better, faster & easier than your current cleaning products... using water only!
~ Simply wash when dirty ~ Can bleach for disinfection ~ Hang to dry ~ No fabric softeners ~

​We offer you the Top Quality!

Why PAY MORE for the STREAK FREE MICROFIBER CLEANING CLOTHS you've come to know and love?

  • Cleans your stainless steel appliances beautifully!

  • Streak-free, lint-free clean!

  • Cleans porcelain, glass, fiberglass, and more!

  • Danni, Albany, GA

    "Where have these cloths been all my life?  I have used these crazy cloths to clean my home from top to bottom and cannot believe how easy they have made my cleaning. My windows have never looked better - and then there's my stainless! Thank you. thank you and don't go anywhere any time soon!"

  • Janet, Branson, MO

    "Dog slobber. Owning 3 large breed dogs, we have it in abundance and have always dreaded cleaning it up from sliding glass doors, car windows and the floor. These cloths make my previously dreaded chore so much easier...Somehow, it makes owning a dog a lot more fun!"